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  • PP-R feed pipe is a kind of healthy and environmental friendly green product which is produced through proprietary technology —automatically continuous extrusion molding and use PP-R as material. PP-R feed pipe apply fusion-technology during practical application,its Comprehensive technical properties and economic indicator are much better than Galvanized pipe, PVC-U, PAP, PEX and PB pipe. 

    PP-R pipe has been looked up and more and more widely used in the cold and hot water pipe system of residence construction due to its excellent hygienic property,non-pollution during producing, using and abandoning,and its properties of heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, corrosion resistant, insulation and energy saving, suppleness and shock resistance. It is a kind of environmental friendly green building material, and become the leading product of water supply pipeline for buildings.

  • Radiant floor heating system is a new heating system which is using low temperature heat medium,heating floor by the circulating hot water that below 60℃ in the pipes to achieve the uniformly radiant heating.

    Jinghua , design and provide a professional and integrated set of heating pipeline system  for modern residential ,business and public buildings. Fully highlights its advantages of health,comfort and energy saving. The temeperature decreasing from the bottom up ,meet the cooling requirment of human beings. And low temperature medium, radiant heating and the function of separate regulation collection minimize the energy consumption.
  • PVC-U drain pipes and fittings are molded and processed through mixing, extrusion , injection and some other techniques, it uses PVC as the main material and add moderate additives. Mainly applies to building drainage ,  discharge and sewerage system of domestic waste water , municipal works , enterprises , factories and mines. It is a new kind of building material which is mainly popularized by our country to replace iron pipes and cement.

    Our company produce building drainage pipelines , we have advanced equipment , unique and excellent process recipe and provide a set of fittings to go with them. Our products have been passed the test of  National plastic products quality supervision and inspection cente(NTSQP) , Hebei province quality Monitoring and Inspecting Institution and other organizations. The indicators are up to the national standard and some are better than it. 

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    JingHua PVC electrical conduits products are designed and produced with reference to IEC614/JG3050-1998/BS4607/BS6099. The main properties all meet the requirements of standards. 

  • Jinghua PVC flame retardant wire duct is mainly used in visible installation of cable engineering, can protect electric wire, phone line, cable TV line, network line and so on. Tidy and nice appearance, convenient installation and maintenance, applicable to the power distribution and build or rebuild network line of indoor project of building, school, hospital, market, hotel, factory.  

    Jinghua PVC flame retardant wire ducts are designed and produced with reference to IEC 1084-2-1:1996, QB/T 1614-2000. (flame retardant property refer to GB/T 2406-93, GB/T 2408-96, GB/T 2828-87, GB/T 8627-88), the important performance reach or higher than the standard. 


    To cooperate with the development of national sponge city, our R&D team developed PVC-U seepage pipe; it is based on traditional rain-water drainage, change the rain pipe into seepage pipe. The rain water can seep into the soil from the porous pipe which is under ground. Replenish groundwater and at the same time reducing the municipal drainage pressure, avoid water accumulation.


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    Patented technology , exclusive rights —— after 3 years research and many times bold and creative experiments and tests , our R&D team finally developed this enhanced PP-R feed pipe for home decoration which is with smooth inner and outer walls. The product has been passed the test of state level testing center, possess all the properties of PP-R pipe. The technology has been applied national patent, and it resolve the traditional problem of PP-R that the surface of PP-R pipe is hard to be shiny and smooth. Now , through this technology PP-R pipe has a shiny and smooth inner and outer wall, reducing the flow resistance effectively. Improve the capacity of water transport. Adjust the construction of microcosmic molecules of pipes effectively., make it get a higher pressure resistance and a longer service life under the usual design pressure; at the same time, it can inhibit the activity and reproduction of bacteria. 

    Excellent performance, quality assurance:  can be long-term used with the hot water which reach 95℃. For short-term use, the temperature of water can reach 110℃. It is better to be used under the usual designed temperature and pressure, the service life can be more than 50 years.